Calgary Custom Software Development and Integration

Sometimes, out of the box just doesn't cut it...

When there is nothing that you can buy, out of the box, we can help. Clients have unique needs and one size definitely does not fit all. Whether you need a program to track inventory, or want to develop a fantasy sports web site, you can count on us to deliver the results according to best practices in software development.

Web Applications

Custom web applications can be built using a variety of technologies. We are well versed with a number of different types of technologies, both open and closed source. Custom web applications are usually backed by databases and may integrate with other data sources to provide a custom workflow. Ice Cool Technology Inc. can develop applications with a number of different programming platforms for the web, including Microsoft.NET, PHP, and ColdFusion.

Desktop Applications

Web applications, although easier to develop and deploy are not always an option. Traditional desktop applications are required for the most power and flexibility. Typically, desktop applications are built using Microsoft .NET technologies or Java and can be deployed as user interfaces, console applications or services.

Third Party Integration

At Ice Cool, we can help you integrate with your clients and business partners using web based mechanisms such as XML, JSON and Web Services, HTTP robot pages, etc. We can help you with point to point communication, as well as integration with ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) systems. With Web Services protocols, you can connect your desktop or web applications to other systems, other web sites, or remote computers providing data and services.

Office Programming

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is often used with desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel or Access to provide business functionality. For example, it is possible to automate fetching real time data from sources on the web or relational data stores, and automate reporting or calculations. We can help!

Database Development

Databases are integral to modern day information systems. Within the world of web sites, databases are important as they power the storage and retrieval of information in a logical manner. At Ice Cool, we help you design and build your relational database management systems in accordance with the principles of relational design and normalization. We also offer support for no-SQL systems such as Mongo.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an industry trend as more companies are putting away the physical hardware in order to host servers, applications and data with managed service providers. We can help your company take advantage of this opportunity and integrate existing systems into the cloud to save on overall IT costs.

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